Hero Stones in Odisha with Special Reference to Jajpur and Khordha Districts

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Mahitosh Gopal
Lecturer in History,
Indira Gandhi Women’s College
Cuttack, Odisha,India

Email: mahitoshgopal@gmail.com

Abstract:: This paper examines the Hero Stones discovered within the Jajpur and Khordha districts
of Odisha, focusing on their historical significance. These memorial stones, dating from the ninth to fifteenth centuries CE, serve as vital artifacts illuminating Odisha’s military history, architectural splendor, and religious importance. This timeline of Odisha indicates the successive rules of the Somavamshi dynasty, the Imperial Gangas, and the Suryavamshi dynasty. While some Hero Stones bear inscriptions, others remain unmarked, prompting an exploration into their historical context, preservation, and conservation efforts. Through this study, a deeper understanding of these monuments and their cultural relevance is elucidated.

Key Words:Hero Stones, Inscribed, Military Traditions, Uninscribed, Somavamshi etc.