Impact of Economy and Society upon Non Government English Medium Schools in Darjeeling District -From Colonial Intervention to Capitalist Venture(1846-1991)

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Binay Laha

Ph.D Scholar,
Department of History
Raiganj University
Raiganj,Uttar Dinajpur,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: In this article an attempt will be made to cover the growth and expansion of English
medium schools through economics and society in Darjeeling District of North Bengal in the
state of West Bengal, India from the colonial intervention to capitalist venture started in the
beginning of 1991as a means of liberalisation of economy during PV Narasima Rao government
. The growth and expansion of Non Government English medium Schools in Darjeeling is having
a closer link with the holistic educational growth of Northern part of West Bengal. It should be
stated that apart from the said that non government English medium schools were established in
between 1846-1991.These have not been covered in this article but they have nearly common
features in terms of promoting English education through English medium schools in the
Darjeeling District.This phase of history has played a significant role in the educational history
of North Bengal, at large.

Key Words:Darjeeling District,English Medium School,Non Government,North Bengal etc