India’s Oft-Forgotten Feminist Icon Fatima Sheikh: Pioneers of Modern Women’s Education in Indian Subcontinent

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1Research Scholar
Department of History
Vidyasagar University
Rangamati,Midnapore,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: An almost forgotten name in the history of Indian women’s education is Fatima Sheikh. Savitri Bai Phule stands out as the pioneer of Modern Indian women’s education, another identity of hers is that she is the wife of social reformer Mahatma Jyotirao Phule. Few know the woman who made Savitribai’s mission possible, she was Fatima Sheikh. She is also known as the first Muslim woman teacher in the Indian subcontinent. She was also a social reformer, who fought throughout her life to overcome the caste system and provide education to women and children of the desirable sections of the society. Fatima Sheikh is not discussed in history. Historians of India have never been given her due, neither have they been included in any syllabus nor have any books been published about her. Although the discussion of the history of Indian women’s modern education is incomplete without Fatima Sheikh. Therefore, despite the paucity of data, the main purpose of the present article is to briefly discuss the life and work of India’s first trained Muslim teacher, Fatima Sheikh.

Key Words:Backward people, Fatima Sheikh, Social Reformer, Women education etc.