Khan Choudhury Amanat Ullah Ahmad: A Case Study on His Political and Literary Activities

in Published Volumes


Sumana Das

Guest Lecturer,
Department of History,
Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma Universty
Cooch Behar,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: The main aim and objective of the present study is to highlight the role of Khan
Choudhury Amanat Ullah Ahmad as an intellectual of the Cooch Behar Princely State. He was
born at a Jotedar family and he was not highly educated. But he passed Entrance and he had a
deep knowledge in Persian, Arabic, Bengali, Sanskrit and English. As he was the Revenue
Minister of the state, he got the royal patronage to carry on his literary and cultural activities. He
was a member of ‘Rangpur Sahitya Parishad’ and a member of Executive Committee of
‘Kamrupa Anusnadhan Samiti’. He was a scholar, writer and folklore researcher. He was an
architect of the ‘Cooch Behar Sahitya Sabha’. He attended many literary conferences. His famous
book is ‘History of Cooch Behar Vol-1’. He founded ‘Hitasadhani Sabha’, a political party which
worked for the development of the Coochbeharis. However he was expelled from the Cooch Behar
State and he took shelter in the Rangpur District of the Bengal Presidency.

Key Words:Cooch Behar, Intellectual, Hitasadhani Sabha, Muslim, Rajbanshi etc.