Missionaries, ‘Savages’ and Print: Literary Traditions in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Naga Hills

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Arenmenla Jamir
Guest Faculty
Department of History & Archaeology
Kohima Campus
Nagaland University,
Meriema, Kohima

Email: arenmenjamirwara@gmail.com

Abstract:: Set against the background of the colonial and missionary intervention in the Naga
Hills, this paper traces the hill peoples’ experiences and interactions with change. Specifically,
the paper traces the Ao Nagas’ interaction with the written word. This was a shift from their
earlier practice of oral tradition. The experience had far reaching consequences, especially as
the mission exercised monopoly over literacy and the selection and printing of books.

Key Words:Assam, Ao Nagas,Culture,Naga Hills, Missionaries, Education etc.