Mode of Production and Migration in India – A Sociological Study

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Dr.Paulomi Saha

1Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Muzaffar Ahmed Mahavidyalaya
Salar, Murshidabad,West Bengal


Abstract:: In pre-colonial period, Indian economy was based on agriculture by and large. Main forces of production were agriculture and handicraft. Industries were gradually developed. The flourishing economy and plenty resources attract the outsiders to migrate to India in different periods of history. Migration is not a new phenomenon in Indian history. In precolonial India an instance of migration can be found from the book of Jos Gommans. After the partition of India in 1947, an influx of refugees one after another migrated to India from East Pakistan. In this paper the researcher intends to focus on the relation between migration and mode of production in India in different periods of history.
Key Words:Agricultural Production, Capitalism,Economy, Migration, Partition, Socialism