Mukhash Nach: A Traditional Folk Culture in North Bengal

in Published Volumes


Jagdip Kumar Chowhan

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Malda College
Malda, West Bengal, India

Abstract:The Mukhash Nach is the traditional folk culture in North Bengal. Mukhash dances are popular in Puja ceremonies, Charak festival, Chamundi mela and Burikali mela ect. Mukhash dances have followed in various forms as war and fiction with walking, dancing and singing etc. This folk culture has been recorded from pre historic times. In ancient Greek and Russia, masks wear men were well known in popular folk culture. In France, Italy, and Africa, masks wear men have been found in portrait forms of various caves. In Japan, the agriculture festival continues with mask dance, which has a tradition of rituals. Cambodia and Myanmer, where local people practiced expelling ghosts by covering masks. Worship was practiced through masks in various parts of China. The mask hanging pattern is seen in front of houses in Southern India. This was the symbol of auspicious life. Mukhash dance is a popular ceremony in the districts of Dakshin Dinajpur. The masks dance occurred every year during the Bengali month of Chaity and Jaitha. There Mukhash folk culture runs usually on ritual arts. Mahishbathan of Dakshin Dinajpur district is a recognised place of beautiful masks in all over Bengal and India. The livelihood of many people here depends economically on the manufacture of Mukhash and the sell.

Key Words:Charak Festval, Mukhash Dance, Mukhash, Mahishbathan,North Bengal etc.