Role of Media in maintaining Peace and Harmony with reference to India

in Published Volumes


Dr.Debjani Roy

1Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
BKC College
Bonhooghly, Kolkata, West Bengal


Abstract::The press is the most important, effective, extensive, popular and convenient, cheapest and the surest method of molding and formulating public opinion. It is the most important of the elements which constitutes public opinion itself. The media is the most powerful single influence today helping to mould public opinion with regard to the need of fostering friendly and harmonious relations between various communities and religious groups and thereby promoting national solidarity. Right from the days of British rule the media has been a great supporter of communal peace and harmony. Media played an effective role in the early anti-partition movement launched by Indians as a response to the administrative decision to partition of Bengal in 1905. The various agencies of mass media condemned all the incidents and maintained communal harmony despite tensions between nations. In India Media is a powerful medicine and if the medicine is used properly it can heal many ills and if misused it can become poison. The role of media in promoting communal harmony means information dissemination which combats propaganda for riots, intolerance or racism. Media promotes harmony, understanding, tolerance, friendship among individuals and groups and eradication of racial discrimination and racial prejudice.

Key Words:Agencies, British Rule ,Communal Harmony, discrimination Intolerance, Media etc.