Society and Social Changes in Twentieth Century North Bengal in Respect of Traditional Games

in Published Volumes


Badal Roy

Assistant Professor
Department of History
Sukanta Mahavidyalaya
Dhupguri,Jalpaiguri,West Bengal,India


Abstract:: The Northern part of Bengal is famed for its natural beauty and diversity with all
its hills, rivers, forests, and valleys. To this natural richness, diversities of ethnicities,
cultures, and traditions that demand a study from a historical point of view add a new facet,
and to the root of the richness of the traditions and culture lies the traditional games and
sports, which are a manifestation of the customs and traditions of the region itself. They act
as the flag-bearers of the cultural heritage and moral values of the people and community
living here as studied through the ages. As these games and sports are confined to a definite
geographical area locally, spread, and practised within a homogeneous ethnic community, it
fosters and strengthens the cultural integrity and feel of oneness among the inhabitants.
However, these essential traditional games and sports are now on the verge of being lost in
the sea of time, finding their repose in historical archives mainly due to the globalization
effect and subsequent rat race of life combined with some other reasons. In this study, the
author took the initiative to overview some traditional games and sports spread all over
North Bengal, as well as show the methods and essence of these games.

Key Words:Cultural, Games, Historical, North Bengal, Sports etc.