Shakti Worship and Goddess Sarala: A vital Aspects of Odishan Culture

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Dr.Laxman Kishan
Independent Research Scholar
Department of history
Utkal University,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Abstract::This paper attempts to study the Shakti worship in Odisha. It outlines how the mother Goddess worship was started in Odisha with the existence of Gramadevati. As a whole the concept of mother worship has spread in Odisha and numbers of temple have been rised in different names. The significance of Shakti worship is highly influence in to the socio-cultural and religious life of the people of Odisha. This paper would highlight the tradition and customs of Shakta Tatrism has been adopted in different Shakti Peeths in Odisha. However, the Goddess Sarala, regarded as one of the most spiritually elevated expressions of Shaktism from time immemorial. Devi Sarala is Goddess who patronized the socio-cultures of Vaishnav and Shakta. The main purpose of this paper is to review of Shakti culture influence in to the socio-religious life of the people of Odisha.

Key Words::Devi Sarala ,Durga, Odisha, Peeth, Sindura, Shakti, Tulasi etc.