Contribution of the Surjapuri People in Freedom Movement: A Case Study in Trasfered Area of Uttar Dinajpur District (1930-1942)

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Khagesh Singha
Independent Scholar
Department of History
University of North Bengal
Darjeeling,West Bengal,India


Abstract::‘Freedom is the birthright of mankind’ Indians who believed in this principle also engaged
themselves in a larger movement to free themselves from the British.The present work attempts a detailed
study of the freedom movement in the Uttar Dinajpur district with special reference to Transferred Area .
Initially, the Surjapuri People did not participate widely in the Freedom Movement of India. But in Civil
Disobedience Movement and Quit India Movement Surjapuri people participated extensively. After the
establishment of the Indian National Congress, the sense of nationalism became stronger. Considering it
their duty to expel the British,they indulged in various Anti-British activities.The district was greatly
influenced by Nationalist thinking. Many Surjapuri people followed the Congress ideology causing headache
to the British.The Freedom Movement became the Nature of the surjapuri people. People of all castes
participated in the Freedom Movement as a result of oppression and exploitations by the British. Countless
men and women stood up against the British rule. Many surjapuri people of Transferred Area actively
participated in the civil disobedience movement and Quit India Movement. They sacrificed themselves for
India’s Independence.

Key Words:Language,Nationalism, Surjapuri People ,Transferred Area, Violent etc